Welcome to Drain Gain, your trusted name in the world of comprehensive Drainage Services. We’re a dedicated team here to take your drainage worries away. Our services are designed to meet the unique requirements of each client – from resolving blocked drains and sinks, which may be giving you daily headaches, to offering emergency tankering and flood prevention services, available round the clock to secure your peace of mind.

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Drain Gain Services

We have expertise in the essential maintenance tasks such as regular septic tank emptying and sewage plant servicing, ensuring your systems are operating optimally and preventing unpleasant overflows. With our professional CCTV drain surveys, we inspect hard-to-reach pipes and diagnose potential issues, saving you from future trouble. Are you organizing a festival or event and require portable loo services? We’ve got you covered too!

At Drain Gain, we don’t just solve problems, we work proactively towards preventing them. Our team is always ready to share useful tips and best practices for maintaining the health of your drains. We’re only one call away and there’s no call out fee involved. At Drain Gain, we’re about gain without the drain. Let’s start a new journey towards hassle-free drainage today.

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Blocked Drains and Drainage Services


Your drain clearing specialists

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24/7 Emergency Support

Drain problems don’t stick to daylight hours, and neither do we. Experience immediate assistance any time, any day.

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Proactive Protection

Don’t wait for a disaster. With our septic tank emptying and servicing, we maintain optimal operation and prevent future headaches.

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Expertise and Professionalism

From detailed CCTV drain surveys to pump station installation and repair, our team’s expertise assure you of top-notch service delivery at all times.

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Full-coverage Drain Solutions

We believe in empowering our customers with essential draining tips and advice for sustainable solutions.

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Blocked Drain Services

Take a look at our other services – sewage pump station repairs, servicing and installation to ensure water is always flowing smoothly. And if you’re planning for an event or festival, our portable loo services are here to add convenience and hygiene to your well-planned arrangements.

Nobody likes blocked toilets in Oxfordshire! If you’re there, our team will be there swiftly to provide expert services and make sure your toilets function smoothly. Not just toilets, we deal with showers, basins, sinks and all sorts of blockages in Wallingford and beyond. You can trust us for great prices and excellent services with a simple phone call.

We have a solution, not just for your present, but for the future too. Let us be your guide to avoiding blockages and prolonging the life of your drains. We believe in delivering reliable and effective solutions that bring peace of mind to our customers.

Remember, every problem has a solution and we at Drain Gain are committed to providing the best drainage service solutions in the UK. Come join us and experience the best in the world of drainage services. Consider this the beginning of a draining problem-free life with Drain Gain.


Our Oxford drain company is based in the heart of Oxfordshire, offering services that extend from the south to the north, mobilised typically within 60 minutes of receiving a call.

Frequent blockages could be due to various factors, including the incorrect disposal of sanitary products, food waste, grease, fat, and more. A detailed drain survey can help identify the exact issue.

Our team is typically mobilised within 60 minutes of receiving your call, available 24/7 to address any urgent drainage or sewage needs.

Regular maintenance is key to a healthy septic system. While frequency varies, typically a septic tank should be pumped out once or twice a year for optimal operation.

We offer a wide array of services from standard unblocking to preventative maintenance, drain and pipework surveying, septic tank and sewage plant servicing, and installation. Our team is also experienced in offering portable loo services for events and festivals.

Simple habits like not flushing non-soluble items, regular use of hot water for pipe cleaning and being careful about what gets washed down the sink can go a long way in preventing blockages. We’re always ready to share more tips tailored to your needs.

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