Floods and Blocked Drains

Floods caused by blocked drains, Heavy consistent  rains has been causing drains to flood. Over the last few years this has become a more common cause of flooding. Climate change may be the cause, or could it be we just do not look after our drains ? Probable both factors are important.

Wet wipes in Drains. The way we keep ourselves clean has changed over the last few years, wet wipes are a common cause of blockages. Although the packaging will tell you these are flush able and they are flush able, what it fails to mention is that most are not bio degradable, unlike good old toilet paper that breaks down and will move through your drains without any problems. Wet wipes will cause you issues if disposed of down your toilet, if the do not cause you issues then they will someone else. that someone else could be your neighbours of it they reach the Sewage treatment plant or pump station then as you cam imagine they arrive in there hundreds if not thousands every day, the problem is the that of your local water company.

Blocked pumps and equipment that are blocked with wet wipes cause major issues and can lead to local flooding of foul water, this in turn is not good for public health.

Ways to prevent blockages

Take just a minute to reflect on items you place down the drains, this includes wet wipes, sanitary products, food waste, fat and grease. If we disposed of these items in the correct manner, not only would we reduce the amount of drain blockages, we would also make our lives a little bit easier and the lives of the people that have to deal with problems caused by our actions. Dispose of items correctly and stop to think about what you are placing down your drain

Keeping drains clear and free flowing throughout Oxfordshire

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