Terms and Conditions of Business

Please read our terms of business

All prices will be subject to VAT at 20%. And all work is quoted for 1 hour to include investigation labour and the use of drain clearing equipment including jetting and rodding but not including a camera survey or any other specialist tools., unless otherwise stated If we arrive and investigate to find that your septic tank is full then you will still be charged, this would be charged under the investigation work. The charge is for up to 1 Hour, this means if we are on site for 5 minutes or 1 hour the charge would be the same. Once the first hour is complete a charge for the second hour will be applied £85 per hour plus VAT. All drains have to be fully accessible and inspection chambers accessible. If we can not gain access to the drains for reasons such as they have been built over, hidden chambers or no access due to the pipes being boxed in then the charge quoted will still apply. If we are called to a blockage and this is found to be on a shared drain then you will still be charged the quoted price, however you may be able to claim this back from your local water company. DrainGain cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in the removal of drain covers etc., or and damage caused to drains or property by high pressure jetting, the very nature of high pressure jetting may find weakness in your drains. Remember a drain can only block by the incorrect items being placed in it or a faulty drain, we do not cause blockages, we clear them. For Domestic customers payment is due on completion immediately and can be paid by either card or cheque. Failure to pay the quoted amount will result in Drain Gain passing the debt to our debt recovery solicitors and legal court action will be pursued, any cost incurred will be payable by the debtor. These are our terms of business.  They are displayed in clear view. We like to be open and honest and this is why we have decided to display them. By accepting our quote by either phone or email via our sites contact pages it will be deemed that you have read and fully understand these terms of business. If you would like these sent to you then please provide us with your email address and we will mail them to you. Most customers are fully understandable on these basic terms of business, sometimes there may be an issue when a customer may try to wriggle out of there obligation to pay. We are here to help and if you feel we have not followed these terms of business then we are more than happy to resolve the issue. The terms are to protect the customer and ourselves.

Goods and Services

Unless any other prior agreement has been made and you have this in writing.
25% on acceptance
25% on start date
Final 50% within working 7 days of completion
After 7 working days interest may be applied

Thank you for taking the time to read this.