The Influence of ‘Fatbergs’ On Our Drains

The recent emergence of a ‘fatberg’ – a solid lump of congealed fat and other paraphernalia – in an East London sewer, made worldwide news. Its emergence highlighted our responsibilities to our drainage systems and why we should be careful when disposing of certain items.

Blocking the flow of water from the home, it doesn’t take a drainage expert to work out what happens when its progress is halted – the wastewater will revert back from whence it came. This is why if you suspect blocked drains in Shinfield, that they should be dealt with immediately – otherwise the issue will just get worse and wastewater, will eventually flow back and cause an untold amount of issues for the property.


Drain Gain – An Expert Service of Blocked Drains In Shinfield

 With our work concerning blocked drains in Shinfield, all over Berkshire and throughout the South East of England, we have seen firsthand the effects that common household waste has on our drains. Having spent many a year clearing all manner of drains in the local area, we have gained a great insight into dealing with blocked drains and then ensuring that they don’t reoccur – so please read on to learn how you can treat your blocked drains.


How Are Fatbergs Formed?

The recent news of the giant fatberg has at least provided local authorities and waste experts alike with an opportunity to stress the importance of thinking about what we let go down our drains. By its sheer name alone, you can tell what the main component of a fatberg is – a countless number of people dispose of household fat, oil and grease down their drains, which sticks and congeals in our pipes.

The find in London measures 50m long and weighs 130 tonnes, with Thames Water declaring it as a ‘monster’, which 8 workers have had to remove in stages, over a period of 3 weeks. This isn’t the first time a fatberg has caused issues in the local area – in 2013 a bus-sized lump of fat had to be removed from a drain in Kingston. By the recent story going viral, Thames Water are hoping that people start to realise the effects of what they place down their sinks.

It isn’t just what we put down our sinks that leads to such blockages, of course – other components of a fatberg include non-corrosive items such as wet wipes, nappies – even kitchen towels – that we dispose of down our toilets.


How Can I Avoid A Sewage Blockage In The Future?

Other than water, nothing else should be poured down a drain. It’s as simple as that, really. In reality, people have busy lives and it’s understandable that sometimes, it’s just much easier to dispose of something in the easiest and quickest way possible. But these small instances will add up to big ones before long – which is why we need to take more care of what we drain or flush away.

Any fats, oils and grease must be placed in a container and thrown away in general waste, as do any leftover meals prior to the plates being cleaned. In terms of the toilet, you should NEVER dispose of anything other than thin, corroding toilet paper. This type of material has been specifically designed to decompose over time and therefore, won’t be causing a blockage over the long term.

By taking these small steps, you can ensure that from your end at least, you won’t be suffering from any blocked drains in Shinfield.


I’m Already Suffering From A Blocked Drain – How Can Drain Gain Help?

If you’re currently (or suspect you are) suffering from a blocked drain, then you shouldn’t let the problem fester – as the extreme example with the recent fatberg shows, these issues can grow. Here at Drain Gain, we are a leading drain unblocking service located in Oxfordshire. Thanks to our location, we are ideally located to carry out work around the South East – so if you’re suffering from blocked drains in Shinfield, Bracknell or Swindon, our team are able to mobilise asap to treat whatever your issue may be.

No matter the type of blockage – whether it’s one that’s located in an indoor drain or one located outside, our service will be able to remove it quickly and safely. As part of our dedication to our client-focused ethos, we operate a 24-hour call out service that is able to assist you with your issue, no matter the time of day.

Treating blocked drains in Shinfield is just one part of our drain management services, the others include:


  • Septic tank emptying
  • Pump station emptying and servicing
  • Testing of soakaways
  • Emptying of gullies
  • Servicing of fat and grease traps
  • Drain surveyance


With all our services, we do not charge a fee when we’re called out. In fact, our fast-responders will not charge you until the issue has been treated – there are no hidden charges or extras, we will only carry out our work once you are happy with the agreed price. So no matter the issue caused by any aspect of your drainage system, choose Drain Gain to effectively and swiftly deal with the problem.


Contact Us Today To Learn More About Drain Clearance In Shinfield

If you would like more information on how we can help you to treat your blocked drains in Shinfield, Berkshire or throughout the South East, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call our friendly drain experts today on 01491 598400..

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